A Little Transylvania in Toronto

With the holiday season in full swing, we took the opportunity to visit the Christmas Market at the Distillery District last week. We wanted to check out Chimney Stax Baking Co. which specializes in chimney cakes (also known as Kürtőskalács in Hungarian). Originating from Transylvania, the name refers to “stovepipe” as the pastry looks like a hot chimney. It is made by wrapping the dough around a wooden cylinder that’s glazed with sugar and baked above cinders or within a rotisserie oven which creates a sweet, crisp crust. Once toasted, it’s rolled in toppings like chocolate sprinkles, cinnamon, nuts, coconut and more.

While travelling, we’ve come across chimney cakes in several different cities including Budapest, Prague, Vienna and New York. So we’re really thrilled that chimney cakes have finally made a presence in Toronto. 

Here’s a few photos of our encounters with this delicious pastry. Egészségére! Cheers!




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