Friendly cafe in Leslieville Serves Up Apple Fritters

Though Purple Penguin Cafe is known for its locally roasted coffee and freshly prepared sandwiches, the hidden gem here is their scrumptious apple fritters.

Owned by June Smith who was a former artist, she was inspired by the deep-fried treats after her frequent visits to St. Jacobs Farmers Market near Kitchener. She decided to feature apple fritters at her cafe when it first opened in late 2014. Since then her establishment has become a favourite in the neighbourhood with locals dropping in each day to fill their cravings for them.

Her fritters are perfectly crisp on the outside, tender on the inside with stuffed apples and covered in a dusting of brown sugar. Just writing about this just makes us drool.

The treats are made to order and come out pipping hot. You can get them individually as well as by half a dozen or a dozen.

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