Fun foods at the CNE

It’s that time of year again! The time when the CNE opens marking the unofficial end of the summer in Toronto. While there’s plenty of things to see and do between the rides, games, talent shows, musical concerts, and the air show; a visit to the fair would be totally incomplete without enjoying the food. After all, it’s the reason we go every year and it never fails to satisfy our gluttonous appetites.

Some of the new wacky treats this year were the Thanksgiving Waffle complete with turkey, gravy, and cranberry, spicy peanut butter Sriracha rolls, butter-flavoured coffee, and cocoa-infused deep fried chicken with chocolate ketchup. Of course, there were also plenty of classic favourites like candy apples, fudge, ice cream waffles, sweet roasted corn, and lots more.

Here are some mouthwatering photos of our visit. Just don’t ask us about the calories, fat, or sugar!

Food Building at the CNE

Our favourite attraction at the CNE. This year marks the 60th anniversary of the Toronto Star Food Building.

Fran's Thanksgiving Waffle

Fran’s Thanksgiving waffle with roast turkey, cranberry sauce, and with gravy. OMG!

buttercoffee (Small)

Butter-flavoured coffee.

Coco’s cocoa-infused deep fried chicken which is served with a spicy chocolate ketchup.

peopleCNE (Small)

Full house. The biggest dilemma is finding a seat.

tinytomCNE (Small)

Tiny Tom Donuts. A visit to the CNE is not complete without buying at least one bag.

candyapplesCNE (Small)

Nothing says carnival like candy apples…..

English Fudge

Except maybe good old fudge.

Classic Montreal smoked meat with mustard on light rye bread.

lemonCNE (Small)

Freshly squeezed lemonade. The perfect drink to wash down all your food.

foodtruckalleyCNE (Small)

Food truck alley. Over 20 gourmet trucks lined up along Princes’ Blvd to showcase their offerings.

poutineCNE (Small)

Traditional poutine.

Sweet corn on the cob. Mmmmmmm.

Corn dog.

Ice cream waffle.

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