Historica Canada releases first animated Heritage Minute showcasing Kensington Market

Historica Canada known for it’s Heritage Minute series which highlight Canadian culture and history has released it’s very first animated piece. As the 88th video in the series, the multicultural evolution of Kensington Market in Toronto is shown through the passing of time of a single store through the decades. The newest Heritage Minute begins with a kosher poultry shop called Goldlist in the 1940s and weaves all the different cultures of the market through the depiction of the store changing into different shops until it reaches the present day.

Goldlist’s poultry shop was owned by Chaskel Goldlist, a Holocaust survivor that immigrated to Canada in 1948. His grandson and filmmaker, Michael Goldlist wrote the script for this Heritage Minute. Tom Mihalik, the owner of Tom’s Place of which Goldlist used to stand, narrated the piece. Mihalik’s family immigrated to Toronto in 1958 after the Hungarian revolution and his father opened up a clothing store beside Goldlist and grew to remain a fixture in Kensington Market until this day.

This one minute that you will see will reflect that we are all different and we come from different backgrounds, yet we’re all able to live together,” said Mihalik.

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