The White Squirrel

A few weeks ago, we got a glimpse at Trinity Bellwoods Park’s most famous and elusive resident – the white squirrel.

Since the 1980’s, the urban park has been home to a small population of albino squirrels. They are believed to be a subspecies of the Eastern gray squirrel (which are usually black or a mix of black and grey in colour). It’s a bit of mystery has to how these rodents actually ended up residing here but have been the subject of urban folklore in the city over the years. I guess you can say were a little nuts. White squirrels have become so iconic in the neighbourhood there’s even a Twitter account and a lane-way dedicated to them.

whitesquirrel2 (Medium)

Last month, it was reported in the media from area residents that a white squirrel was electrocuted and was left dangling on a Hydro line. We were concerned this might be the last remaining one to be living in the area. Luckily, there is at least another white squirrel that we can happily say is alive and doing well from our brief encounter strolling through the park that day.

We spotted the snowy critter climbing up a birch tree near the path at the Queen Street West entrance. We captured a few photos of the squirrel before it vanished away.

whitesquirrel (Medium)

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