New Spot for Dumplings Opens in Old Chinatown

There’s now a new spot in Old Chinatown to get your soup dumpling fix. Located in Dragon City Mall on the ground level, Juicy Dumpling offers super affordable xiao long bao or XLB for short. These hot soupy morsels originated in Shanghai and have since been popularized throughout the world.

The xiao long bao here are nicey tender making it very easy to break with fillings that are loaded in hot broth. You can get them either steamed or fried. Just be sure to bite the top first to let them blow off some steam. For an order of six mini dumplings at $2.99 they are a steal.

Located in Old Chinatown, Juicy Dumpling has become a hotspot for affordable soup dumplings.
Juicy Dumpling
Originating in Shanghai, soup dumplings are steamed wrappers filled with meat and broth.

There’s also sheng jian bao aka pork buns that are equally delicious. The ambience is no-frill with about 30 seats.

In the heart of winter, it’s the perfect place to come for Chinese comfort food.

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