Oh Bessie!

If you’ve got a hankering for cheese in Kensington Market, you’ll probably find yourself at Global Cheese. Just how old is this institution? Well, it just celebrated its 46th anniversary last week.

Global Cheese has been a fixture in the neighbourhood for decades and is regarded for its vast selection of cheeses including both local and international varieties. In it’s early days, the shop catered mostly to Jewish immigrants who flocked to the market for their staples. Nowadays, the neighbourhood is a melting pot of people of all ages and backgrounds.

The shop still retains much of it’s old fashioned characteristics with a billboard out front featuring handwritten signs for daily specials and staff who beckon customers with samples of their cheeses behind the counter. When you walk into the shop, it feels like you’ve stepped back in time. It’s a no-frills kinda place but prices are very reasonable and the staff are knowledgeable.

There are few mom and pop run establishments like Global Cheese that have continued on for these many years in the city.

Here’s to many more cheesy years to come!










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