Vegecursion kicks off

On February 26th, we hosted our inaugural “Vegecursion” food tour. This unique tour focuses exclusively on vegetarian and vegan cuisine and is the first of it’s kind in Toronto. Participants are taken to several restaurants and eateries to enjoy their best menu offerings.

It was a fun-filled evening with lots of great food and drinks (all of which were vegan friendly). In addition to the tastings, we had the opportunity to visit the Toronto Vegetarian Association (TVA) for a brief presentation about their community work and the city’s evolving culinary scene.

Below are a few delicious photos from the tour that were taken by our local photographer Ted Kaiser.


VegecursionFeb26-2671 (Medium) VegecursionFeb26-2732 (Medium) VegecursionFeb26-2812 (Medium) VegecursionFeb26-2839 (Medium) VegecursionFeb26-3008 (Medium) VegecursionFeb26-3177 (Medium) (Medium) VegecursionFeb26-3219 (Medium)

VegecursionFeb26-3225 (Medium)

VegecursionFeb26-3454 (Medium)

VegecursionFeb26-3376 (Medium)

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