Perfect places for a summer treat

Nothing beats a refreshing cold treat on a hot summer’s day. Toronto is known for its diversity and that is reflected in our city’s frozen desserts as well. Whether you are a lover of classic flavours or a seeker of adventurous eats, there are unique icy treats of all kinds to be found in Toronto. Here is our round-up of the best places to treat yourself all summer long.


GRK YGRT is Toronto’s only spot for fresh and frozen yogurt that is made in house. All their toppings are homemade as well and they have many signature combos to choose from such as their Banoffee Pie Parfait which has banana custard, chocolate chips, caramel and banana slices.

Bar Ape

Bar Ape is known for their handcrafted gelato bars and gelato soft serve. They have many creative flavours for their bars, such as Chocolate and Black Olive or Fig Balsamic. Their soft serve uses local Ontario fruit and changes every week. Expect to see a Niagara Peach and cinnamon swirl during the summer.

Bang Bang Ice Cream

Bang Bang Ice Cream is the ultimate place in Toronto for an ice cream sandwich. All their cookies and inventive ice creams are made in house and you can choose your own combination of the two. If you’re feeling hungry, you can get one of their large Hong Kong waffle cones which are made to order and filled with up to two flavours of your choice. Their vibrant Totaro (ube) flavour is always a popular option.

Black Sesame shaved ice from The Cups.

The Cups

The Cups specializes in Korean bingsu, which is shaved ice garnished with a variety of toppings. The bowls of shaved ice are massive and there are a lot of interesting flavour combinations such as black sesame with pieces of mochi and red bean paste. One of their best sellers is a Tiramisu bingsu which comes with a slice of tiramisu cake balancing on top.


Tsujiri is a matcha cafe hailing from Japan that has all things matcha, including soft serve ice cream and shaved ice. Their matcha ice cream is bright green and has a slight bitterness to it which keeps it from being too sweet. You can get it as a sundae with mochi pieces or even on top of a matcha shaved ice to get the best of both worlds.

DeKEFIR’s soft serve kefir with strawberries, blueberries and Quinoa Qrunch.


DeKEFIR ferments their own kefir and churns it into a soft serve consistency for a tangy refreshing treat. Their kefir is all natural and sweetened with organic cane sugar. With over 20 of their healthy and delicious toppings to choose from, go with the Multi topping option to get creative with as many as you like. Their housemade puffed Quinoa Qrunch and their Walnut Sesame Clusters are both not to be missed.

Wong’s Ice Cream

Wong’s Ice Cream specializes in Asian flavours of ice cream. Their ice cream base is completely made from scratch and it is rich and creamy. You can expect to find flavours like Wasabi Honey and Pineapple Cilantro to name a few. The have non-dairy options as well and you can grab pints to take home in a classic Chinese take out box.

A scoop of mango from Kekou Gelato.

Kekou Gelato

Kekou Gelato is an Asian gelato shop with many interesting flavours such as Red Bean White Chocolate, Peanut Sesame and Rum and Condensed Milk. All their gelatos are made completely from scratch with no fillers and stabilizers. They also carry chocolate dipped gelato pops and can make gelato floats with their scoops.

Death in Venice Gelato

Death in Venice Gelato is famous for their imaginative and sometimes unusual gelato flavours. Their menu is ever evolving but some signature flavours include Hay Honey Caramel and Pistachio Baklava. Death in Venice Gelato also partners up with local shops such as Sanagan’s Meat Locker for some of their wilder flavours like Blueberry and Sanagan’s Mustard. No matter how strange the flavours are here, they always turn out delicious.

Cindy Chan

Cindy grew up in Scarborough and has always been passionate about food. After Cindy left her career in broadcasting she traveled extensively, discovering new cultures and expanding her knowledge on food. Cindy has been with Savour Toronto for over a year and has hosted countless public and private tours. Cindy leads the Kensington Krawl, Best of the West and Le Tour de Cafe. On her free time, she loves adding to her cookbook collection, taking food photos and putting up jars of strawberry jam.

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