Thank you and Farewell Odile Chocolat

It was a bittersweet farewell on our “West End Food & Culture Tour” today as our guests had the opportunity to enjoy one last chocolate tasting from our partner Odile Chocolat. The shop will be closing at the end of this month.

Toronto Food Tour Group

On Valentine‚Äôs Day in 2009, Odile Chocolat opened its doors on Dundas Street West and was one of Toronto’s top places for artisanal bonbons. Owned by Odile Chatelain, the shop was a emporium for handmade truffles, chocolate bark, hot chocolate, and other sweet goodies.

Throughout the years, we had the privilege of introducing our guests to the shop where they got an intimate and informative presentation from Odile herself on the art of chocolate making.

Thank you Odile for all the wonderful memories and for providing our guests a magical experience through your delicious creations. We will miss you dearly.


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