Best Doughnuts in Toronto

Canada consumes the most doughnuts and has the most doughnut shops per capita in the whole world. With so many avid doughnut fans in the country, it is unsurprising that Toronto is home to many excellent spots to find this beloved treat. To stay competitive, doughnut shops in Toronto have to either make impressive classics or get truly creative with their flavours. We came up with a list of delectable spots all donut lovers can enjoy.

Dipped Donuts

Dipped Donuts only opened in Kensington Market a month ago but they have quickly become a Toronto favourite. Majority of their doughnuts are yeast doughnuts dipped in unique flavours such as Mango Ginger and Rosewater Pistaschio. Doughnut flavours change up daily here and occasionally you will see a few of their “bombs” which have different fillings including a Maple Bacon made with bacon from their neighbour, Sanagan’s Meat Locker.

San Remo

San Remo bakery has been an institution in Etobicoke since it opened in 1969. San Remo is known for their Italian style baked goods but are really famous for their doughnuts. Doughnuts here are classic flavoured favourites like Boston Cream, Apple Fritter and Sugar Twist. Blueberry Cream Cheese and Lemon Meringue are a few of their more inventive options and doughnuts can be bought a mini, regular or jumbo size.

Glory Hole Doughnuts

Despite their punny name, Glory Hole Doughnuts are serious about delivering high quality cake and yeast donuts. Although, it is unconventional, Buttered Toast is one of their signature best selling flavours. Their London Fog filled with Earl Grey cream is not to be missed too. Glory Hole Doughnuts also make classic cinnamon sugar donut holes and offer vegan options as well. Their doughnuts are so popular they usually sell out before the end of the day.

The Rolling Pin

The Rolling Pin is fun bakery with indulgent cupcakes, doughnuts and classic baked goods. Many of their doughnuts and cupcakes can be found with an injection of a decadent sauce. Their Butter-My-Scotch is a dipped yeast doughnut filled with a butterscotch custard, topped with whipped cream and butterscotch chips and a caramel shot in a little tube sticking out. A Weekly Gourmet Doughnut schedule is featured on their website.

Donut Monster doughnuts from left to right: Cinnamon Vanilla Latte, Double Coconut, Blueberry Basil and Matcha Mint White Chocolate.

Donut Monster

Donut Monster is located in Hamilton, Ontario but they are definitely worth mentioning. They are known to do pop-ups in Toronto and have shown up at the RBC Plaza Market on Thursdays several times this year. Doughnuts are massive and are dipped with colourful creative glazes like Matcha Mint White Chocolate. Seasonal ingredients are often featured as well, in the form of a Peach Bourbon Fritter or a Blueberry Basil glazed for example.

Daddy O Doughnuts

Daddy O Doughnuts is very popular with locals in Mississauga. Their goodies are made with old traditional family recipes and the space is bright and retro. Doughnut flavours tend to be inspired by the things we love from our childhood with doughnuts like their Cinnamon Toast Crunch topped with cereal. Their Maple Bacon has big squares of bacon from the Port Credit Farmers’ Market. One of their best sellers is their Homer Simpson which is pink with colourful sprinkles just like in the cartoon.

Cindy Chan

Cindy grew up in Scarborough and has always been passionate about food. After Cindy left her career in broadcasting she traveled extensively, discovering new cultures and expanding her knowledge on food. Cindy has been with Savour Toronto for over a year and has hosted countless public and private tours. Cindy leads the Kensington Krawl, Best of the West and Le Tour de Cafe. On her free time, she loves adding to her cookbook collection, taking food photos and putting up jars of strawberry jam.

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