Thinking outside the box: Toronto’s most unique street food and retail market

Market 707With spring finally here, and the remnants of this lingering winter being swept off the sidewalks, Toronto’s most unique street food and retail market is bustling yet again.

What is Market 707 you ask? Imagine a food truck and a food cart having a baby and Market 707 is the product of that wild, but amazing circumstance!

NomNomNom CrêpesLocated at the corner of Dundas and Bathurst alongside the Scadding Court Community Centre (SCCC), the year-round, outdoor market has become a fixture in the neighbourhood and a focal point for a once desolate intersection.

CrepesThe original idea came about after the SCCC’s very own executive director, Kevin Lee, found himself inspired during a youth exchange trip to Ghana in 2009. Lee had noticed the innovative use of businesses operating out of recycled shipping containers, and decided to bring the idea back to Toronto which eventually led to the opening of Market 707 the following year.

ShinjiToday, the market is a tight-knit community of small business owners who are able to take part in a social movement that encourages the use of economical space and resources. “Business out of a box,” Lee likes to call it.

The market offers up an array of delicious bites from Montreal-style crepes, to one-of-a-kind mac-n-cheese, to Japanese-style poutine, people are bound to leave with full bellies and tingling taste buds.

Gushi OriginalAn interesting perk to Market 707 is that for those who are on a tight schedule or want to avoid the outdoor elements, many vendors are able to take orders via text message, to save people from standing anxiously and hungrily in line!

And although the market will soon be celebrating its fourth birthday, it is still considered one of the city’s greatest hidden gems. I highly suggest you go see what all the fuss is about!

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